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1968 Ski-Bee Commander

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1968 Commander.
Has an aluminum hood that opens like a car hood.


The Ski-Bee commanders were the only sled that was built to seat 3 people.
The commanders have a wide track.
The Inghams started building snowmobiles in the 40`s and 50`s,
but made the Ski-Bee proto type in 1963
and started to sell them in 67. and sold the company in 1970.


This is a 1968 Ski_bee Scout.
Production number 86 of 1968.



This is a nice picture of a 1968 Commander Ski-Bee. Everything on this sled is original.. Including the seat!! This machine has always been sheded and is on it`s second drive belt. Everything is original.


Below is a pic. of a 1968 Ingham snowmobile.

Not too sure if it is original..we are checking this out.!

This is a photo of Bryan Stasuik`s Ski-Bee sled.

From Prince Albert Sask. 






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